Yarn bombing — express yourself in an unusual way

BN_YarnBombing1.jpg These days there is hardy a lack of ways to express oneself. Graffiti, subcultures, flash mobs, handmade craft, and many-many more. But did you know that an old-school grandma-style activity has recently become a new trend in street art?

It’s yarn bombing , aka  guerrilla knitting . It’s a form of street art in which public spaces are covertly decorated with knitted artwork. The most common “victims” if the artists are trees, bus stops, street signs, phone booths and other street objects.

International Yarn Bombing Day began in 2011 (on the 11th of June), so if take it up without procrastination, you may still become a trend-setter in your area.

Here’s a bright example of the yarn bombing art from Texas where it is believed to have originated from:

Knit bombed trees, Blanton Museum Of Art, University Of Texas, Austin, Texas