Success—key to happiness, or happiness—key to success

KeyToHappiness The title of this post echoes the topic of the essay I asked one of my groups to write. As they inquired my opinion on this question, I decided to put it in writing as well. So, here we go…

I strongly believe that happiness is the ultimate (and natural) goal of every human being. While success is merely one of many possible ways to reach it. But whereas success might not necessarily lead to happiness, happy person is just bound to succeed. I would compare success with a pill that may cure you (make you happy) or not (this pill may not work for you). That’s why we have a wide variety of pills available, and similarly there’s a number of pathways to happiness to satisfy everyone’s taste, e.g. family, work, religion, drugs etc. with success among them.

Another point to consider is that success is versatile and not all types of success will be able to deliver happiness. It’s very personal. While someone may feel happy having reached a high position in an international company, someone else may well find it stressful and implying too much responsibility. So make sure success you are striving for is of “happy”-type.

There are definitely different types of happiness either, but at the same time, I believe, they have a lot in common. Paraphrasing Leo Tolstoy: “All happy people (originally: families) are alike; each unhappy person (originally:family) is unhappy in their own way.” The road each person goes towards happiness is unique, but in result they all have shiny eyes, deep breathing, compassionate and generous heart, and everlasting desire to help make the world (or at least a tiny bit of it) a better place.

So, find YOUR life and live it HAPPILY!